• Production and arrangement
    After evaluating the musical project, our producers will be available during the pre-recording phase to define, together with the artist, the best solutions for the songs to be recorded, trying to find the most successful and emerging sound and arrangement.
  • Fluent english
    The experience we gained during years in the musical business taught ourselves to give the greatest attention to the linguistic aspect of every musical production. This is why a native English speaker will be available to help you reviewing your lyrics and correcting your pronunciation.
  • CD print
    With the CD print service you will be able to have your audio product and graphic artwork printed in the most professional way, being able to choose among a wide selection of standard and custom packaging options. Tanzan Music staff will help you selecting the best solution for any specific requirement.
  • Barcode creation
    A standard barcode is required in order to sell your album both physically or digitally. Usually the barcode is created by the record label you're working with. We give the opportunity to independent artists to create a standard barcode and related UPC code so that every release can be sell all over the world.
  • Artwork and graphic design
    Thanks to our own graphic design department, we are able to take care of the appearance and look of our productions, creating custom engaging artworks suited for any specific musical genre. Both if you need a simple layout of an already existing artwork or a whole new graphic creation, our staff will be able to help and advise you in order to achieve the most catchy and professional look for your musical project.
  • Professional photography session
    Lot of artists choose our recording studio for the relaxing and cool location and for the brightness of inner spaces, assets you won't easily find in other recording facilities. A perfect location for professional photo shoots, aimed to obtain the best for your image, both as a band or a single artist.
  • International digital distribution
    Thanks to our partnership with Believe Digital, the biggest digital distributor in Europe and one of the most important in the world, we're able to set your album on sell on the main digital stores in over 240 countries in the world through our internal promotion agency called FreeMood Promotion. The distribution chain includes web stores like iTunes, Amazon and eMusic, mobile phone companies like Vodafone, 3 Orange and Tim, streaming sites like Deezer and Spotify and much more. Our staff will create a custom press kit to promote your release.
  • Promotion through our media partners
    With a database counting an average of 1000 media partners (always growing), FreeMood Promotion will promote your releases all over the world, creating specific advertisement campaigns designed to fulfill your every need.
  • Licensing
    Tanzan Music, as a music publisher, collaborates with some of the most important licensing agencies (companies working for Coca-Cola, Armani, EA Sports, Red Bull etc) in the world of advertisement, videogames, movies and much more. Tanzan Music is always seeking for original music projects to be included in its publishing portfolio. This opportunity is strictly reserved to those bands or single artists who will sign a publishing contract with Tanzan Music.
  • On-line studio
    Lot of international artists have chosen our studio for finalizing their works so that we gained a wide experience with the so called "on-line" mixing and mastering. In this way everyone could benefit from the quality of our studio and the skillfulness of our sound engineers without the need of covering long distances.
  • Live show recording service
    This service will grant a professional audio recording of your live performance. After the recording you will be able to decide whether to edit, modify or improve the result with overdub takes and proper mixing and mastering at our studio. On demand we can match the audio recording with a video shooting.

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