Thanks to the collaboration with Believe Digital, one of the most important digital distributors in the world, FreeMood Promotion is able to have its artists in the main digital stores in more than 240 countries in the world.

A distribution net that includes web stores like iTunes, Amazon and eMusic, mobile music stores like Vodafone, 3 Orange and Tim, streaming channels like Deezer, Spotify and much more...

FreeMood Promotion will not only create artistís digital release but will support the artist creating a dedicated promotional kit so that each release will gain the highest attention being presented to the main digital distribution channels and resellers.

With a database counting an average of 1000 media partners (always growing), FreeMood Promotion will promote your releases all over the world, creating specific advertisement campaigns designed to fulfill your every need.

Digital distribution and promotion services are open to every artist, not depending on where the release has been recorded.

Bands and artists whose publishing rights are 100% granted by Tanzan Music will benefit of discount on regular fares for digital distribution and promotion.

For further information please write at:

FreeMood Promotion Believe Digital

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