Tanzan Music Ed. Musicali s.rl.
VAT No.: IT08763390153
Sede Legale:
Piazzale Lugano, 6 - 20158 - Milano - Italy

Tanzan Music Recording Studio:
Via Balbi, 94 - 26864 - Ospedaletto Lodigiano (Lodi) - Italy
Ph. +39 0377 390124 - Fax +39 0377 391470

Financial Dept.

Discounted facilities:
Hotel Maxim
Via Marconi, 5 - Ospedaletto Lodigiano | Ph. +39 0377 864909

Osteria del Popolo
Via Balbi, 67 - Ospedaletto Lodigiano | Ph. +39 0377 86822

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